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Transparent eCommerce

We invest in cutting-edge eCommerce projects that are based on the principles of sustainable business—from supply chain management to recyclable packaging, carbon offsetting to sustainable shipping.

Achieving sustainability in business is no longer an issue of compliance, but a crucial differentiator for building a successful, profitable and future-proof organisation. Climate change-related risks continue to pose a threat to businesses across the globe and there is mounting pressure on both private and public sectors to improve their environmental performance. 

Our Investment Company: Dayrize
Dayrize is an eCommerce platform with a carbon-neutral footprint that is based on the principles of transparency and sustainability. The platform was born from a simple idea: what if we could create real change just by changing the way that we shop? Dayrize curates a range of products that help consumers transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. By using a strict set of criteria to rank and rate every product, consumers can make purchasing decisions that are good for them, and good for the planet.