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Ecological Restoration

We invest in (and look out for) the latest innovative technologies to help us accelerate the restoration and regeneration of the earth’s most fragile ecosystems.

Ecological restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed. Due to ecosystem fragmentation and environmental pressure, biodiversity is deteriorating: an estimated two billion hectares (23% of land under human use) is degraded, which in turn negatively impacts ecological integrity and agricultural productivity. Biodiversity restoration can happen by taking steps to integrate a greater number and variety of tree species into gardens, farms and forests or by allowing natural regeneration of overgrazed, polluted or otherwise overused ecosystems. A range of new practices, technologies and interventions can help to improve ecosystem biodiversity at scale. 

Our Investment Company: Flash Forest 
Flash Forest is a Canadian reforestation company that uses drones, automation and ecological science to regenerate ecosystems on a global scale. They use a new technology using pods with a range of seeds that are dropped by drones, enabling remote planting on a large scale. We invested in Flash Forest to ensure biodiversity regeneration and to maximise the number of species planted at every site.