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Biobased Materials

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

With a globally increasing demand for sustainable and clean alternative raw materials, we focus on the supply chain, certification, phytosanitary,- and quality requirements of bringing the raw materials from source to process.

We manage long term supply chains from sourcing and certification to terminal management and shipping. As circularity is our core belief, we develop the supply chains only, where the organic matter used in the process can not be used for more circular alternatives.

Sustainable Building Materials

We invest in projects that help to reduce waste and save materials within housing and construction, transforming the industry from linear to circular.

The building and construction sector is an area in which an enormous amount of waste is produced. When the life of a building is over, most of its original materials turn into waste and only a small percentage will be recycled or reused. Applying a circular economy lens to housing means looking at how a material is used beyond its immediate life cycle, a decision which needs to be implemented at the design stage of a product or system.

Our network comprises the largest CLT and LVL suppliers in the United States. We can supply tailormade prefab models from our network or provide the raw materials in bulk anywhere in Europe within short timeframes.

Re-use Waste Material - Wood Chip Cellulose

Being fully circular we put the waste material that comes from the production of timber products to good use.

The remaining wood chips that are left over from the production site provide an excellent source of cellulose. The most common use for cellulose is for the production of paper and paper boards. Cellulose is also frequently used as a component in pharmaceutical products with various purposes.